Introduction : Footballer

The Origin

Hi, thank you for being interested in Footballer.

The idea of Footballer started off with one simple intention:

Bring footballers closer together.

As simple as it sounds, we just want people who love to play football find each other, team up, and play on the field. You see, we have Facebook to get connected with friends, we have Path to help us plan our trip, we have Nike+ to track our running…But, despite all these amazing apps, there is nothing so far that helps people to organise team games, something that needs a large group of dedicated players like football.

As a group of enthusiastic football players, we constantly see people around us giving up their games when it’s so difficult for them to group 10-15 players together: notify them the weather, tell them the location, find a replacement when someone is suddenly not available, etc. We want to help them enjoy the game, so the idea of “Footballer” popped up.

Our Mission

We hope and believe that Footballer will continue to grow and eventually connect all footballers around the world. The platform will help them to achieve what they need as a dedicated football player, which includes organising games, finding suitable teams, exploring important games in town, and following the progress of their peers.

About Us

We are a team of young IT geeks and football lovers whose dream is to build the best innovative solutions. We are based in Hong Kong and Footballer is our first social product. Follow us on Facebook and talk to us. We look forward to hear from you.

Thank you.